Your Financial Planning Comes First

The genius of the United States of America lies in sacrifice. Your 2008 vote must put the interests of a new generation and its successors front and center. Support that Presidential candidate who presents the most credible agenda for the future evolution of your country. How can the next incumbent of the White House be held directly accountable to you? There are no guarantees that the lures of the Oval Office will not tempt even the most hermetic of the candidates in the fray. However, unqualified and consistent commitments to the following causes give you best chances that a new leader of the nation will work to build an estate for you to bequeath.

1. Sustainability is an acid test for energy transformation. Neither fossil fuels, nor uranium can power the lives of our inheritors in to eternity. Solar energy can do this, at least as long as this galaxy endures.

2. Corporate America must be tamed. Federal authorities have to switch focus from lobbies and personal nest-eggs to the primacy of governance for the laity. The powers conferred by corporate donations in any garb, past associations with the business of war, and post-retirement consultancies, must give way to the sacred bond which your vote truly represents.

3. Our Allies and their resident kin must know when to leave the party. Our military technologies are not available for settling petty scores, or to feed any incessant circle of violence.

Change should start with the campaign process. Whistle-stop tours, extravagant entourages, vague declarations, and charades of cheers will promise change, but will only deliver the diseased soup of yesterday. You may not be able to change the destructive present bearings of the country, but do your bit for good old Uncle Sam.

Throw your entire weight behind Ralph Nader.